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Qualtrics Update:  Beggining in March, UK IT Services will be switching the Qualtrics log in process to use single sign on (SSO), which means that soon you will be able to log into your Qualtrics account with your UK link blue credentials. This change will also enable you to create surveys that will prompt respondents to autheticate with their link blue IDs and collect their usernames as identifiers for their responses.


For most users, this change will be relatively minor. However, some users may need to contact the UK ITS Service Desk for assistance prior to the switch. 


IMPORTANT - If either of the below situations apply to you, you must contact the Service Desk (859-218-4357 or by FRIDAY, MARCH 17 to retain access to your Qualtrics account.


(1)  You have more than one active Qualtrics account / userID. You will only be able to attach one Qualtrics account to your UK link blue account. Please contact the Service Desk to have your Qualtrics accounts merged prior to the switch so you don’t lose access to your content and/or to have an unused account deleted. (If you receive multiple copies of this email, you definitely have multiple Qualtrics accounts. You may also have multiple accounts, but only receive one notice, if your second account is attached to an old or inactive email address.)

(2)  You share a Qualtrics userID and password with another person or team. Once we switch to SSO, each Qualtrics account will be attached to a single UK link blue account, so you will have to choose a single owner for the account. Depending on your group’s specific needs, you can request that the Service Desk create a Qualtrics group to share content as a team, or, in limited circumstances, request a link blue service account for your group.  You may also choose to simply share surveys from the primary account directly with other individuals.


If neither of the above conditions apply to you, you do not need to take any action at this time. We will send additional information about how to connect your Qualtrics account to your link blue credentials and how to take advantage of the new SSO-related survey features prior to the switchover.


If you no longer need your Qualtrics account and you don’t want to receive additional information about this change, click here to request to have your account deleted.

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