All county websites have been upgraded to a new version of Drupal.


See the menu at left for training videos and manuals.


Be sure to use Firefox or Chrome browser when editing the site.

Do Not use Internet Explorer.


Please click here to leave general feedback, comments and suggestions for the web team about the upgrade.


 If you have questions, please email trainer Monica Willett ( or the web team (CAFE-WEB-SUPPORT-L@LSV.UKY.EDU).


Important Information:

During roll out, to be granted access to edit the county website, you had to first attend an in-person training. 

Training is no longer required to gain access.  

To gain access to edit the county site, contact your District Staff Support. They will make the request to the web team for you to be granted editing permission.


Please note, employees with access cannot share their ID with the rest of the office to edit the site.

You are not permitted to share your link blue ID with others in your office without written authorization from UK Information Technology per Administrative Regulation 10:1 Section VII. Sharing your link blue ID and password is a violation of the UK Administrative Regulations you agreed to upon hire.