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Training from Ag Communications is available for Extension, College Departments and Units.
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For Extension-related training in Information Technology, contact Monica Willett.
For other requests, contact the person associated with the topic below.

Help Desk

Watch the New KERS Instruction Video:  Introduction to KERS

Adobe Connect

Extension Contact: Monica Willett

Other CAFE Contact: HelpDesk

Adobe Dreamweaver Software


Create a professional blog:

The College offers one blogging platform right now: From here you could create a blog, and you'd need to look into the documentation on that site to see how multiple users would access it, how you can customize the design, etc. Alternatively, you could try an externally hosted blogging platform such as,, or

We are planning to include blogging in the next major version of the website software we will be using to create sites for the College. Blogs follow the same guidelines as social media and web standards.


KERS Basic Agent Training
All you need to know in one session.



Drupal Software (College Departments/Units):

e-Training: This is a free software training site (previously called executrain). It has Dreamweaver and all kinds of software training for UK users. The link gets you to the main site, and you will need to request a course library. - Software training by subscription, some even free. Free Drupal tutorials


Drupal Basics for Extension:
  • Here's a Drupal Training Wiki for supporting our Extension Counties throughout the state. The instructions are customized to demonstrate how to use Drupal with the current Drupal theme.
  • Screencasts for Drupal users.
  • Drupal Cheat Sheet with general instructions for the toolbars


What Digital Files to Use

Here's a great resource on the different type of digital files commonly used in publishing.


Learn about Google Documents, Using the Forms templates, presentation and more...


Lync Training
  • Watch videos on Lync
  • Best for internal use(University employees)
  • Small meetings
  • Usually the Lync client is used for attending meetings. If the browser is used when attending a meeting Internet Explorer is the best browser to use(we've seen issues with Chrome)
  • Recordings of Lync meetings are saved on the person who setup the recordings local PC


  • Postage Management:
    Recording and tracking the money you spend on postage is easy with the Postage Management System. This session will show you how.
  • Satori/MailRoom Tookit:
    Learn the basics of using this software for processing standard mail. Topics include zip+4, CASS, and setting up your template.
Contact: Rhesa King


Marketing Resources: URL
Learn about the college graphic standards, download official logos for the college/Extension, get templates, order business cards, badges etc.

Contact: Becky Simmermacher



  • Microsoft Office 2010 UK e-training
    provides self-paced online lessons in Microsoft Office 2010.  Online resources such as the Microsoft Office 2010 Visual QuickStart Guide and Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Step by Step are also available for your use. see UK site


News and Media
  • Working with the News Media and Writing for Print:
    Learn the professional approach to contact and work with the news media whether they are calling on you as a news source to comment on a story or assist them with a news contact. Also learn how and whom to contact in the news media if you are requesting coverage of your news event. Learn news writing tips and skills for crafting an effective news release or help with writing your weekly newspaper column.

Contact: Jeff Franklin

  • Media Training
    This session will provide tips on working with media and understanding your role in reaching your clients through print, radio and television. The program will include:
  • General overview of media relations tips
  • Dos and Don't
  • Knowing the players
  • Understanding your role
  • Interviewing
Contact: Laura Skillman


  • Importing Photographic Images from Photoshop, Lightroom and Picasa to Gallery:
    This workshop will provide basic information and procedures for transferring photo images to the Gallery photo library program used by the College of Agriculture to store photographs.
  • Using Lightroom to Improve the Photographic Image:This workshop will take students through a step-by-step procedure designed to enhance and improve the photographic image using the tools available. This training is intended for serious photographers and not the casual user.

Contact: Matt Barton or
Steve Patton


  • Finding Publications on the Web:
    There are several ways to find the numbered publications you're looking for on the college's website. Take this quick tour to learn more.

Contact: Dennis Duross




Social Media
Marketing Resources site for more information



Please Visit our Video Production Site for information on creating videos, training and requesting video production from Ag Communications.

Video Project Request Form
Use this form for long-term, video production assistance.





Other How-Tos
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